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Modern Resume Strategies Part 2: Developing a Personal Brand You Can be Proud of

February 21, 2017

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Modern Resume Strategies Part 3: The Power of Accomplishment Statements





Part 3 in a three-part blog series. What are accomplishment statements and how can they push your resume to the top of the pile.


Don’t think that you’re done learning about how to craft a resume that appeals to modern businesses. You’ve got two pieces of the puzzle: targeting your resume and personal branding strategies. Now we’re going to talk about the final component, A.K.A. accomplishment statements.

(If you don’t have the other two elements, never fear. Read Modern Resume Strategies Part 1 and 2 and you’ll be up to speed in no time!)

Targeting your resume helps your potential employer discover your resume while speaking in terms they understand. Personal branding strategies show your potential employer how you connect with their business in a valuable way based on their own business standards. Thus far you’ve got their attention and they’re nodding along as they read.

Accomplishment statements are supposed to be that one-two knockout punch that tells them point blank “this is the person I should be hiring.”


Show ‘em what you can do

Impress your audience with remarkable accomplishment statements.


What hiring professionals really don’t want to see in the work experience section of any resume is a regurgitation of job descriptions. They do, however, want to see what YOU have accomplished while performing in that role.

Resume readers at this point have gone through a pile of applicants who use stock phrases and the same old gimmicks over and over again. A great resume won’t just ask for attention – it will command it! An accomplishment statement doesn’t tiptoe around your accomplishments, but instead gets straight to the point of what you can, and will, offer once you’re employed.

Rather than stating what anyone else in your position can do, use your career history section to highlight your relevant strengths and the results they helped you achieve. Use bullet point format to display high-impact, results-focused statements following the “CAR strategy”; Challenge Action Result. Be sure that all your points are relevant to the target position, and include proof in the form of numbers wherever you can quantify results.

Look at the difference in these two bulleted statements that talk about the same thing:

  • Responsible for answering phones.

  • Professionally responded to 200+ incoming calls per day using multi-line telephone; promptly directed calls to appropriate office staff.

In one statement, the task is seen as something menial. Anyone can answer a phone...but can just anyone respond to 200+ incoming calls per day and direct them appropriately? The way you word accomplishment statements can take it from boring to extraordinary.


There are many pieces of advice I can give on how to build the perfect resume, but these three components of modern resumes will help you build a resume that any employer will be willing to look at. Put in the effort and you’ll be getting more interviews than most of your peers that don’t follow this advice.

From there, it’s all up to you. Good luck getting the job of your dreams!



Kamee Gilmore

Certified Resume Strategist


An Independent Consultant and Owner of Paradigm Resume Services, Kamee is dedicated to propelling the careers of professionals across all industries, occupations, and career levels through the strategic creation of personal branded, captivating career marketing documents.


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